Professional Summer Plumbing Tips

• Taking Care of Your Washing Machine’s Hose

Summer, is the time you will find a lot of people spending time outdoors and having outdoor fun. However, the more outdoor activities and fun you have, the dirtier your washing machine hose will be and your plumbing. These washing machine hoses could begin to leak, bulge or crack and it is important to make sure you have removed lint often. It is advisable to replace these hoses at least once in every year as advised by

At the same time, you should consider moving your washing machine at least four inches from the wall to prevent damages from kinking. You should never leave your home while your washing machine is running.

• Ductwork Sweating from Condensation

plumbingWhen the weather is humid, the ductwork could begin to sweat due to condensation. This can cause a backup if the drain is not clear. At the same time, leaks could occur in the seams, which will cause condensation. If you have an attic installation, it is very important to make sure that there is no water in the drain pan. In case you find water, the first thing you should do is to call a professional plumber.  You can find many reputable plumbers at

• Be Careful with What You Put Down Your Kitchen Disposal

During and you have cooked, it is important to pay extra attention to what you are putting down your kitchen disposal. These systems are not equipped to handle fibrous foods, banana peels, celery or cornhusks. One other item you should never drain down through your disposal is fats or cooking oils. This is because they form clogs in the pipes.

Therefore, it is advisable to run cold water at full pressure for about 15 seconds before and after putting anything there. At the same time, it is advisable to flush down some things while they are wet. Example, if you must dispose foods such as smashed potatoes or something of similar ingredient, or make, using a kitchen disposal unit, you should consider adding some water first to make them mushy.


The best way that will guaranty your plumbing system is running properly is regular maintenance and inspection. This technique will prevent severe plumbing problems or damages to property. Once a wise man said, “Prevention is better than curer”.

Things that Often Do but Should Never be Flushed Down the Toilet Drain

The toilet in your home is a pretty important piece of equipment to say the least. If you don’t believe that then try to live without yours for a few days if you only have one where you live. Despite that fact, people still throw all sorts of things down them even though since birth they have been warned that the only two things that should go down them are human waste and toilet paper. Here are a few of the most common items that end up in the toilet drain causing clogs

toilet drain

Tampons & Sanitary Napkins

Sorry ladies this one is all on you and besides a big poo poo mixed with too much toilet paper it is the number one reason plumbers say they have to unclog toilet drains. All it takes is one of these to get lodged in a bend in the pipe and before you know it will get some help from some tissue and soon the whole line will be blocked.


These may seem small and innocent but they can be real catalysts for causing a clogged toilet drain. Remember they are made of non-biodegradable plastic that does not break down when wet and that can be a big problem when some of these get wedged in the wrong place in your toilet drain line.

Dental Floss

Think of dental floss as being like a spider web; it does not bother you when you run into a strand or two but if you run into a whole web it startles you and can even be hard to break through. That is exactly how your toilet feels when dental floss builds up in it over time. It’s another non-biodegradable substance that can really hook on to an uneven section of pipe and cause a plumbing buildup.


Who has not pulled hair out of a drain cover or drain line? It’s simply nasty, sticks to everything when wet and needs no more explanation. If you want to know how it forms a clog see dental floss above.

Paper Towels

There is a reason they don’t make toilet paper 3 times as thick and out of a tougher material. Enough said – this should simply never go down your toilet drain for any reason.

Grease and Food Scraps

It is hard to understand the logic why it is better to put something down your toilet drain that you don’t want to go down your sink drain? If you look at them closely they are roughly the same size openings and what can clog one can just as easily clog the other.

Kitty Litter

This is another one of those that leaves you scratching your head. Why would anyone want to dump something into their toilet drains that ‘clumps up when wet’? It must be that on most occasions proximity trumps common sense.

You really don’t need to know anything that will clog toilet drains if flushed down them; just remember the rule that nothing goes into the toilet drain unless it’s from your body or it’s specifically made for that purpose like toilet tissue.

Typical Types of Sewer Service You may need done around Your Home

Although the sewer line that runs from your house into the water main may seem like a simple device it actually performs a lot of complicated functions that take place between your house and the final destination into the sewer main. When your sewer drain line does not function properly then you will need to call a local plumber to come and do some sewer service on the line. Here are some of the types of sewer service that often need to be done on household sewer lines.

sewer service

Sewer Leaks

If you are walking around your yard and you feel a spot where the ground is wet and you need to hold onto your nostrils because the smell is so bad, then you probably have some type of sewer leak that needs to be taken care of by a professional plumber. Here are some of the sewer services that involve leak repairs.


Sewer line pipes are usually made of cement, lead or PVC pipe depending on when they were installed on your home. It is the PVC type of piping that is prone to cracking either because of material defects or such things as the settling of the ground. If this happens the lines will need to be dug up and the section with the cracks replaced.

Joint Seals

Any type of sewer line pipe can be prone to leaking at the joints. Once again this can be caused either by shifting grounds, worn out sealants and glues or even poor workmanship. The pipe section will have to be dug up and the joints repaired or replaced.

Broken Lines

Many times entire sections of sewer lines will have to be replaced when you are getting your sewer service done. This can be because they were crushed by a heavy vehicle going over them or once again the ground shifted and put too much pressure on the piping.

Sewer Blockages

Blockages in your sewer line may also result in you needing to get sewer service done. Here are some of the most common reasons for sewer blockages:

Roots and Weed Blockages

It is amazing the places that roots and weeds can grow into; they will form in even the smallest of cracks and crevices. Once they get inside the pipe the human waste will act as fertilizer and they will grow so big they will eventually cause a blockage and need to be snaked out.

Solid Mass Blockages

Tissues, sanitary napkins and other solid objects can build up and form a blockage in your sewer line also. When they do this they will need to either be drilled out with a large drain snake or flushed out with high pressure air or water.

So be on the lookout for problems with your sewer lines and be careful what you throw down them. If you do these things then it will go a long way toward avoiding an expensive sewer service bill.

When to Call For Plumbing Help

There are a lot of things you can do around your house when it comes to plumbing repairs that you easily can do yourself. There is really no need to call a plumber to open up a slow drain, replace the inner workings in your toilet tank or fix a leaky faucet. With that being said, there are also some plumbing problems that really require you to get some plumbing help. Here are some examples of plumbing jobs that are best left to professionals

plumbing help

Clogged Septic Line

If you see dirt, grime and yes even fecal matter backing up into your tub or shower drain then that is a sure sign you have a clogged septic line. This is something that is not only nasty and dirty to repair but there is health risks involved too. All very good reasons to leave this one to a professional to take care of and get some plumbing help. It will also take special heavy equipment that plumbers carry to free the line up and get it unplugged in most cases too.

Broken water Heater

A broker water heater replacement is another job that it’s best to get plumbing help on. This will involve not only having to replace the tank and replumb it but there are electrical connections that need to be done and more difficult plumbing tasks such as sweating pipe and installing new valves, not to mention there might be plumbing upgrades that are needed when doing this job too.

Leaky Brass Piping

Under the broken water heater section we mentioned sweating pipes. This is done when making connections to sections of copper pipe and it’s a job that takes lots of training and practice to get right. You have to be able to use a torch to liquefy a metal solder that will then harden when the heat is removed to form a seal between the two pieces of copper pipe. Anyone who has ever done it will tell you it’s not easy and something you want to consider getting some plumbing help to do.

Large Bathroom Fixture Replacement

It may not happen on a regular basis but there are times you may have to change a toilet, a shower stall or a bathtub. It is a technical and complicated process that involves delicately taking out the old fixtures, placing the ne large fixtures correctly, hooking up new faucets and drains and then connecting supply lines and sealing them. Once all this is done the system will need to be rigorously tested for leaks before the fixture can then be shrouded and sealed into place. It is definitely the type of job that you would want to consider getting plumbing help on.

Being a do it yourself person is a great thing and an admirable quality that can save you some money. Just remember there are times where you might be in over your head and the smart thing to do is to get some plumbing help. So when the situation warrants it pick up the phone and get your local plumbing expert to come out and do a service call to take care of your plumbing needs.