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Fascinating On Cloudracer 2014 - Womens Competition Running Shoes

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Ironman World Champion Frederik Van Lierde, Olympic Gold Medalist Nicola Spirig, 5 World Champions and more than 30 elite athletes win in the Cloudracer in various running disciplines including offroad-running.

They all know the secret of the Cloudracer: stays low to the ground for fast performance yet keeps you fresh with a surprisingly comfortable and protected ride. No wonder that the Cloudracer has been voted the best performance shoe by ISPO and been seen on more than 70 winner podiums.

18 low-profile Clouds stay low to the ground for fast performance yet keep you fresh with a surprisingly comfortable and protected ride.
The Cloudracer midsole has been slimmed down to save weight and features the Speedboard for high responsiveness.
The skeleton-upper is incredibly thin but enforced with a clever taping system to hold your foot with maximum comfort and minimal weight.

Runner profile: Athletes with a neutral gait

Goal: Compete and win
Target speed: Less than 4 min/km

Heel-toe offset: 5 mm | 0.20 in
Weight: 198 g | 7.0 oz. (women's US 7)
CloudTec explained

1. The On is the first running shoe with 3D cushioning, absorbing not only the vertical impact, but also the horizontal shock from the forward movement - the so called shearing forces which cause muscle cell destruction and pain in ligaments and joints.

2. The On makes you run light and fast, and pain free. When running, you want to land soft and push off hard. The CloudTec elements allow your foot to travel softly into your landing. Once locked, the Clouds are completely firm for a powerful push-off. This is possible to the fact that the On uses travel (distance) to slow down impact forces rather than just compressing rubber or air like other cushioning systems.

3. The On is the new approach to motion control: By activating your muscles, the On enables you to stabilize and control your foot strike naturally - without artificial support.

4. The On fosters an efficient running style, allowing the runner to land more forward on his or her foot as well as to adopt a centered and energized running position. The Integrated Transition Bridge flexes over the whole length of the shoe, making it the best rolling shoe on the market. Combined with your Cloud-activated muscles, this results in a shorter ground contact time.

5. On’s intelligent cushioning allows for a minimalistic, lightweight construction in line with the latest research on the natural movement of the foot, i.e. a low heel-to-toe ratio, being close to the ground, and very good torsional flex in the mid-foot.

6. The NEW 4 layers speedboard (all the 2014 models)
- Layer 1 - flex power - Hit the ground in a nice and rolling movement. The lengthwise rails translate landing impact into forward propulsion.
- Layer 2 - energy distribution - The diagonal grid ensures even energy distribution, interacting with the CloudTec sole.
- Layer 3 - torsion guidance - The high-density grid guides your foot through a natural torsion phase - not limiting your freedom of movement.
- Layer 4 - spiral dynamics - The transversal grid supports the natural gait of your foot in a spiral motion. Land on the outer side of your foot and push-off on your big toe.

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Fascinating On Cloudracer 2014 - Womens Competition Running Shoes

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